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The world famous Bordertown sits on over 1000 acres on the outskirts of the picturesque Maple Ridge area of British Columbia. It is well known internationally as one of the most unique Western themed locations in Canada, and has been featured in a wide array of Film and Television projects, ( not to mention dozens of commercials) since it’s inception in 1987.

Bordertown is a fully functional Old West Town, which includes jail, saloon, hotel, general store, and barn buildings. Far more than just a location, Bordertown is provides a complete Old West experience for any film or television project.

The awe inspiring variety of this unique location can accommodate any size or style of production, offering not only the physical location, but also a complete inventory of set decoration, props, animals, wagons and tack.

From "Smallville", "The X-Files" and “Masters of Horror” to "Underworld 2”, “Wickerman”, and “Seven Years in Tibet”, Bordertown has been a  consistant contributor to high quality productions, bringing over 300 million dollars of revenue into the Fraser Valley region over the years.

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